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Survey Results

Results for a survey about polyamory

Nothing here yet

We just launched the survey, so there’s nothing to see yet. When it’s done, we’ll post our analysis here.

If you want to answer it, it can be found here.



All survey responses are anonymous, unless you choose to give us your contact information. Analysis will be shared only in aggregate, and, as mentioned, we’re using it to inform our writing on a book to be published. This may include publishing aggregate data on our website here, in our book, or in a research paper. No non-numerical data will be quoted or reproduced without explicit permission from someone who has explicitly opted to be contacted. The raw data resides on the SurveyGizmo platform, which has data protections above and beyond anything we could guarantee as private individuals. Anyone interested can read about their encryption and safety policies here. We will move this data to our own computers for analysis, and then delete it when the analysis has concluded. It will not reside on any other cloud service.